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Membership & Membership Benefits

Membership is open to any Ground spraying operator who holds a Commercial Operators Licence issued by the Victorian Department of Primary Industries, follows the VGA “Code of Practice” and pays the yearly membership fee. Contractors from outside Victoria who have a Victorian Commercial Operators Licence are welcome to join the VGA.

Membership Benefits - Insurance

VGA members also benefit from an Insurance agreement we have arranged on their behalf with King Insurance Brokers. The agreement awards a 15% discount to current members of the VGA. Listed below are the contents:
  • No sub limits of cover for Environmental Impairment, Spray drift, spray equipment cleaning, use of 2, 4D, or S7 poisons….

  • If you ask for $5M, $10M or $20M cover that’s what you get!

  • Same applies for Professional Indemnity cover up to $1M.

  • The excess is now $2,500 reduced from $10,000.

  • No job paperwork is required however we suggest you maintain your own records for obvious reasons.

  • Full Members of the VGA will receive a 15% discount on their insurance premiums.

  • We have had only (1) incident (chemical leakage to crop) since 2002. This low incidental rate can be attributed to the networking and educational process that the association introduces to members.

    Download the VGA Membership Form Here - Please fill and send in to us.

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