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Victoria Groundsprayers Association was established for the purpose of:

  • Promoting the interests of groundspray operators with respect to existing or future legislation relating to community or environmental aspects of commercial groundspray operations.
  • And, bringing together groundsprayers to achieve and maintain quality and service of operations.

Victoria Groundsprayers Association (VGA) was formed in 2002 due to a lack of representation on state and national bodies. It was felt to be the best way to represent the interests of groundsprayers in Victoria.

Today we are considered a Peak Body by the Department of Primary Industries and represent the needs of commercial ground spray operators in Victoria. Members of the Chemical Standards Division of the DPI attend meetings on a regular basis and we have a representative on the Victorian Agricultural Chemical Advisory Committee (VACAC) advising to the Minister for Agriculture.

The Executive Committee

VGA members are represented by the Executive Committee which is made up of four general members, one Secretary, Treasurer and a President. We currently meet quarterly in Melbourne.
Meet the Executive Committee. Click HERE

Members are elected to the Executive Committee for a two year term. Elected executive members currently represent a diverse spread of spraying interests, with members coming from large broad acre crop spraying to relatively small acre pasture spraying and noxious environmental weed hand spraying.

The Executive Committee of the VGA hold a minimum of four meetings during a twelve month period. They are constantly revising State and National regulations and regularly make submissions regarding these. Executive members also make representation to the National Body, Australian Groundsprayers Association, and, Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Association (APVMA).

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